Is Spurrier Enough to Spark Your Interest in an Orlando Football Team?

Straight from the mouth of Mike Bianchi in the Orlando Sentinel: 

It’s official: Steve Spurrier, the Florida Gators' legendary Head Ball Coach, is now the new ball coach of the just-announced Orlando team in the new Alliance of American Football....“We want to get some of those UCF players,” Spurrier told the Sentinel. “Hopefully, we can play nearly as well (in Spectrum Stadium) as that national championship UCF team!”

Question is, do you think this team needs players from UCF, Miami, FSU, and/or Florida to be successful here? Will you support a team no matter who the players are or how familiar you are with them? Or, is Spurrier all you need to be all in on the Orlando (text a name to 50857)'s? 


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