Daily Poll: What should the Magic do with Vogel and Gordon?

John Hammond and Jeff Weltman (Magic GM and team president) are going to be tasked with some tough decisions in this upcoming off-season for the Magic, and another season of less than 25 wins isn't going to make that decision any easier. 

If you look @ the roster, the injuries he's dealt with, and just generally everything working against Frank Vogel - he doesn't look, on the surface, to be a guy that deserves to lose his job. However, he is the coach, and this team has regressed. Aaron Gordon isn't much improved and the roster as a whole looks listless under his leadership. Plus, losing this much leaves a stench, and whether it's his fault or not, it's hard to wash off the smell. Vogel signed a 4 year, 22 million dollar contract in 2016, meaning half of that contract would still be owed to him if he were fired. 

For Gordon, he's an upcoming restricted free-agent, meaning, any team in the league can make an offer for Gordon but the Magic have first right of refusal, as they can match any offer out there. It'll be interesting to see what other teams think he's worth, as that will certainly dictate what the Magic do with him. I don't think there's any question, that at the right price, you bring back Gordon. However, smart spending isn't exactly a quality possessed by all 30 NBA teams. Meaning, he'll probably get a contract offer from someone close to the or above the 100 million dollar range...then, what do the Magic do? 


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