Daily Poll: Are you cool with Michigan honoring the Fab Five?

Courtesy of the Washington Post: "The Wolverines’ Fab Five teams of the early 1990s couldn’t quite get over that hump in their two trips to the championship round, but they became arguably the most culturally influential group of college basketball players ever, only to have their history largely erased after an investigation into payments from a Michigan booster.

“We love the Fab Five, and we continue to reach out to the Fab Five and that team,” Beilein said (via The Wolverine) at a news conference in San Antonio, site of the Final Four. “It wasn’t just five guys on that team, now. That was a team of champions, as well.”"

How do you feel about those statements? Has enough time passed, where we can look past their transgressions? Do you give them a pass because clearly, they were not alone when it came to cheating in college hoops? 


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