Daily Poll: Should Shaquem Griffin's story add to his draft stock?

The story of Shaquem Griffin has swept the nation. Griffin has become America's sweetheart and has even been invited to Dallas for the NFL Draft. This is a guy that went from not invited to the NFL Combine, to now, invited to the actual draft -- An honor usually bestowed upon those who are thought to be 1st round draft picks. 

When I (Kravitz) started looking into the NFL Draft and specifically scout grades and mocks, Griffin's name rarely came up. As we got later into the season and people started to take notice that this guy is legit, you'd start to see, at it's best, a 6th or 7th round grade on him. That has all changed. After posting a 4.38 40 time, and dazzling everyone at the combine with his athletic gifts, bench press ability, catch-ability - I see his stock now closer to the 4-5 range. 

But, again, there's reason to believe that number will climb again. If ever there was a guy that was going to interview well, it's Griffin. If ever there was a guy who you could see fitting into your locker room, it's Griffin. If ever there was a guy who could bring good will to your organization, in this polarized/political era, it's Griffin. So that raises the question...Is this last paragraph enough reason to shoot his draft stock up higher than it otherwise would have been? Are you comfortable with the idea that Griffin could be drafted higher, simply because he's a great "story" and not based on merit alone? 


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