Daily Poll: Why don't the Pride get the same support as the Lions?

Women's sports in this country, pro/team sports more specifically, have long struggled to find a foot-hold in American culture. The NWSL, the latest installment of a pro women's soccer league is trying to buck the trend, and they need the Pride to be successful to do it. Alex Morgan and Marta are two of the biggest stars in the sport, and they're the league's best shot to land in the forefront of sports fans minds in this country. 

But, it all starts here in Orlando, doesn't it? How will the league ever take off nationally, when the Pride can't fill up the stadium locally? And why is that? The Pride have bigger stars than their male counterparts, they're a better team, and they've actually made the playoffs. Yet, they drew only 9,000+ for their season opener, a far cry from the Orlando City sell-out in week 1. Why is that? 

Is it just because a pro league for women has never taken off in this country? Is it because the media coverage isn't great enough? I'd say it's because you don't like women's soccer, but the national team gets great ratings, so figure that one out. Maybe it's because their TV deal has them on channels like Lifetime? Or is it simply because the league is new, and only been around since 2013? 

You be the judge...


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