Daily Poll: Can a basketball title make up for a failed football season?

FSU - Nyquan Murray

We all know the FSU fan base, like most in this state, can be a little football-centric to say the least. We wondered the other day if Seminole Nation could take their helmet and pads off long enough to enjoy a couple of wins in the NCAA Tournament, but now, 3 wins later - we're talking about a visit to the Elite 8. Have FSU fans at large checked in yet? 

Leonard Hamilton's group didn't exactly inspire confidence heading into the tournament, losing in the 2nd round of the ACC Tournament to Louisville. Florida State was a middle of the pack ACC team in the regular season as well, going 9-9 in conference. Point is, Seminole fans weren't exactly geared up for a big run in March Madness. Now, they're quickly searching for a way on board the bandwagon. 

The question is, with this football driven fan base, would a run at a title (or a title itself) wash away the stink of a 7-6 season that lead to the high-tailing of its former championship winning coach, Jimbo Fisher? Will fans answer honestly? Let's find out...


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