Daily Poll: Which Orlando coach has more job security?

Orlando Magic vs. New York Knicks

Facts are facts, and while Jason Kreis and Frank Vogel both came into this town with incredible credentials, they haven't delivered positive results thus far. You can debate whether or not these two coaches are on the "hot-seat", but there's no denying that the chair is at least getting a little warm for both parties. 

Jason Kreis comes in as a championship winning MLS coach, a guy who played in MLS, and based off that resume, is somebody who gets how to build a winning team. That's the positive spin, the reality is, this team has been getting progressively worse since he took over in 2016. Orlando City failed to make the playoffs last year and the team was a mess inside and out. This past off-season, Kreis spent his time shedding salaries and making a roster that better fits what he wants to do. And while it's still early, and the team needs time to gel, it hasn't looked great thus far. Zero wins, one point, and two goals in 3 matches isn't going to cut it. We all know the lifespan of a soccer coach is incredibly short. 

Frank Vogel walked into Orlando having been just one series away from a trip to the NBA Finals, and only a Miami Super Team - lead by LeBron James could stop his Pacers. When Skiles walked away from Orlando and quit on the team, somehow the Magic landed Vogel - who had recently been let go by Indiana. Well, the same can be said for Vogel that I wrote about Kreis, impressive resume or not - the Magic have gotten progressively worse since Vogel took over. Of course, a lot of that is probably on Rob Hennigan, but will the new management team of Hammond and Weltman see it that way? Remember, they didn't hire Frank Vogel. Alex Martins did. 


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