Daily Poll: Who is a lock in the Seminole Mount Rushmore?

It's been a fun week thus far, coming up with the Mount Rushmore's for each of our in-state college football teams. But today might be the toughest to figure out. Florida State's run from 1987-2000 finishing the season ranked inside the top 5 is one of the great runs in sports history, and it produced so many high-end/elite players, how do you choose? Plus, you had the 2013 National Championship season, followed by another year in the inaugural College Football Playoff. Here's what I came up with. 

Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke, and Deion Sanders are all locks. Ward was the first Heisman winner the Noles ever had, and he electrified the crowd every single week. Chris Weinke was a Heisman winner in his own right, and statistically, the greatest QB FSU has ever had. Then there's Deion, who many consider to be the greatest Nole ever. 

As for the poll below, and choosing who would join those 3 as a "lock" according to you, the voter. I went with the most prolific defensive player in Seminole history, Derrick Brooks. Slightly edging out greats like Terrell Buckley, Peter Boulware, and Ron Simmons. Then I chose the greatest RB in FSU history, and one of the great ambassadors of the program, Warrick Dunn. Fred Biletnikoff is there for historical context, and the guy had a damn award named after him. Finally, the toughest choice of all, I went with Jameis ahead of Peter Warrick. Even amid all the controversy, Jameis still lead the Seminoles to a National Title in 2013, orchestrated a great comeback, and took home the Heisman that year. 

What do you think Noles fans? 


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