Daily Poll: Will the Magic move on from Frank after the season?

The rumors began to swirl yesterday when Mitch Lawrence of the Sporting News (who will be on our show @ 8am today) put up this blurb on his blog page: 

"Orlando could be making a coaching change, with former NBA player Jerry Stackhouse seen as the Magic’s No. 1 choice to replace Frank Vogel. After a 20-year career in which he was twice an All-Star, Stackhouse has coached Toronto’s G-League team and has close ties to Jeff Weltman, now running the Magic as president of basketball operations after being with the Raptors and seeing Stackhouse up close when he was an assistant coach." - Mitch Lawrence SportingNews.com 

Only time will tell how true this is, but certainly any coach that has his team among the bottom dwellers of the league is going to be under heavy scrutiny. Especially when that coach is a guy that was brought in at an expensive price, and wasn't hired by the current management regime. 

At the same time...Have you seen this roster? Phil Jackson in his prime couldn't win with these guys. So, how do you judge it? It's a tough question, but one that Jeff Weltman and John Hammond are certainly asking themselves. 

Maybe they don't blame him and they keep him another year, maybe they extend his contract for having to put up with this garbage, maybe they just let him go and put him out of his misery, or maybe they work out a buyout to make everybody happy. What do you think the Magic will do? 


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