Daily Poll: How can Dan Mullen win over Gator Nation?

Gator Nation was subjected to one of the oddest coaches we've seen in a while. Jim McElwain was closed off from people he worked with, the media, and fans. Plus, he had all of these odd-ball quotes that just made no sense, his nothing box, the dead fish aisle...he was a weird dude. A weird dude with a bad offense. 

Conversely, Dan Mullen embraces Gator Nation, and is seemingly doing everything he can to win the fans over. 

As Bianchi pointed out @ OrlandoSentinel.com:

Mullen has everything Gator fans desire in a coach. He has a cool factor about him, showing up on recruiting visits in a helicopter while wearing suits accentuated by Jordan sneakers. “You have some shoe swag in this business,” Mullen said, laughing. “And I got a sock game, too!”

But we all know, cool speeches and great socks only matter in the offseason. What does Dan Mullen need to do with the ball gets kicked off in September to really win the fans over? 


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