Daily Poll: Is the 1-And-Done Rule Racist?

Stan Van Gundy was never one to bite his tongue. Many call SVG unfiltered and honest, a rare breath of fresh air in a world where we are fed so many company lines, and so much corporate BS. Stan is no stranger to getting fined by the NBA, I believe David Stern had Stan's account on auto-pay by the time we hit the mid-2000's/ With all of that said, I'll let Stan's latest rant on college athletics speak for itself. 

"The NCAA is one of the worst organizations -- maybe the worst organization -- in sports," Van Gundy told reporters. "They certainly don't care about the athlete. They're going to act like they're appalled by all these things going on in college basketball. Please -- it's ridiculous, and it's all coming down on the coaches."

"People that were against [players] coming out [of high school] made a lot of excuses, but I think a lot of it was racist. I've never heard anybody go up in arms about [minor league baseball or hockey]," Van Gundy told reporters. "They are not making big money, and they're white kids primarily and nobody has a problem."

"But all of a sudden you've got a black kid that wants to come out of high school and make millions. That's a bad decision, but bypassing college to go play for $800 a month in minor league baseball? That's a fine decision? What the hell is going on?"

So...Whatcha think? Stan's words lead us to Monday's poll. 


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