Daily Poll: Who should be the next Magic great to be enshrined?

Magic v Lakers

Already a member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Tracy McGrady will be inducted into the Orlando Magic Hall of Fame on March 20. Pretty obvious that he would be the next guy to join Shaq, Penny, Jimmy Hewitt, Rich DeVos, Pat Williams, and Nick Anderson - as the next Magic great to join the Orlando Magic Hall. In Tracy's 4 years with the Magic he was arguably the 1st or 2nd best scorer in the league at that time, he averaged 28ppg in that stretch, and led the NBA in scoring twice. Plus, he was and still is beloved here in Orlando. Again, a pretty obvious choice.

The next one however, not so obvious. 

That brings us to our Thought-Provoking Daily Poll. Who should be next? Who should follow McGrady into the Magic Hall of Fame in the near future? 

Could it be Stan Van Gundy, who coached the team for 5 years, led them to an NBA Finals, and with 259 wins is the winning-est coach (in one stint) in Magic history? Or how about Dwight...too soon? 

Maybe they'll go with a more warm heart-ed and less contentious approach. How about Jameer Nelson? Now his numbers won't jump off the screen during his run, but he was rock solid, and was the Magic's starting point guard for nearly 10 seasons. 

Then of course, there's Darrell Armstrong, the face of Heart and Hustle. I don't think anyone would argue Darrell as the greatest Magic player of all time, but, his Heart and Hustle team might have been the most beloved. 

So, what do you think? 


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