Daily Poll: Do Gator fans wish success to any of their former coaches?

Florida v Arkansas

Is it just me or do Gator fans not wish success to those who used to walk through the halls as head coach? Steve Spurrier being the obvious exception.

But maybe it's not their fault, Gator fans haven't had a ton to wrap their arms around in regards to head football coaches. Even the most successful in Urban Meyer was about as lovable as a coiled snake, Will Muschamp was always yelling at people, and Jim McElwain made up stories live on a podium that didn't exist. So again, this isn't all on you Gator Nation. 

The poll below gives you the option of taking the high road with one of these guys. I mean, face it, Urban did win you a couple titles, Muschamp was a big Gator fan, and McElwain...well...he probably won't win the poll, but dammit, he did lead the team to 2 trips to the SEC Championship game. 

Because I'm a nice guy, I gave you an opt out with the final option on the poll. Figured some of you didn't have it in ya to cheer for any of these guys. 


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