Daily Poll: What would you do if you were LeBron?

Before the season started we all had LeBron pegged for a trip to LA in free-agency. With recent news coming out about the Lakers waiting until 2019 to go all in on free-agency, and just their general lack of appeal at the moment, that seems unlikely at this point. Of course the Clippers are still clearing cap space as we speak to land The King...so maybe that happens. 

The Cavs just lost in demoralizing fashion to the Orlando Magic, 116-98, in a game that marks the 13th loss in 19 games since Christmas Day for the reigning Eastern Conference champs. LeBron is obviously not pleased, and with the trade deadline approaching it'll be interesting to see what kind of moves they make to improve their title contending roster. If they make none, however, does LeBron choose to stay? Toughing it out in Cleveland is an option, but it doesn't seem likely if this season continues the way it's going. 

The next logical step would be to join another "super team", like the Rockets or maybe the T-Wolves. But does LeBron really want to join up with other superstars again? Does the leagues best player need to chase rings that aggressively? Even when he went to Miami, that was a LeBron assembled team, not one ready made. 

Here's another option that's sort of off the wall, but makes sense -- take the year off. Think about it, no situation seems ideal for LeBron right now, and his time is too valuable to be wasted rushing into something he's not committed to. Plus, the guy has been running hard since 2003. He's the only player in the LEAGUE to have played from October, all the way through June for the last 7 years. Not only playing, but carrying entire franchises on his back. He doesn't look like he's enjoying the game as much, and sometimes a step away from what we love is the answer, in order to rediscover your passion. Whatcha think? 


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