Daily Poll: Who should the Magic trade before the deadline?

Orlando Magic  v New York Knicks

The NBA Trade Deadline is fast approaching and the Magic are in a position to make a move. Clearly this team is going nowhere, fast, but they do have a couple of assets that some other teams may covet. 

Of course you've got the smooth scoring big man, Nik Vucevic, who comes with a very manageable contract of 12 mill a year, and he comes off the books after next season. Add that to his 7'0 frame, 6 years of experience, and 17 ppg - you've got yourself quite the trade-able player. 

Evan Fournier's 17 million dollars a year through 2021 isn't ideal, but the euro-stepping guard/forward is versatile and has averaged 17 ppg over the last 2 seasons. He would be a perfect fit @ a place like San Antonio, or to help a young up and coming team like the T-Wolves. 

Let us not neglect the elephant in the room, Aaron Gordon. Gordon is hurt for what feels like the 14th time this year, he's an upcoming restricted free-agent, and his performance has been up and down to say the least. Do the Magic really want to spend top dollar on a guy who has underwhelmed so much this year? If the answer is no, then he should be the guy you vote for. 

Then, there's the coveted 1st round draft pick in 2018. This pick is likely to land inside the top 3, and from everything we hear, this draft is going to be LOADED. While trading this pick seems foolish on it's surface, if you can land a superstar or a budding superstar, maybe it's worth a look.. 


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