QB Pat Mahomes' Stock is Rising FAST

Tale of the tape: 

Height: 6'2 

Weight: 225 

40 time: 4.80 

Strength: Confidence and accuracy 

Weakness: Lacks discipline and floats the ball 

NFL Comparison: Brett Favre 

Deeper scouting report as according to SBNation.com: 

A deeper look at his skill set shows he’s somewhere in between. His arm strength gives him the ability to make the throws that can beat even the tightest coverage. He’s more mobile than his predecessors, and he’s shown he can buy enough time in the pocket to extend plays, then make throws on the run to frustrate defenses.

His experience with Texas Tech, however, shows he’ll squander sure thing short gains to attempt big shots downfield. He can force throws that turn the frustration back on his own coaching staff. He can be skittish and undisciplined in the pocket, turning plays that rely on timing into free-for-alls with a lower chance of success. All these traits could sink his professional prospects.

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