Tim Tebow Cracks 9 Home Runs in BP

Practice...we're talking about practice?! I know, I know. It's just batting practice. Look, I'm not putting the guy in the Hall any time soon, I'm just saying..maybe, just maybe, we give the guy a chance? 

Why is it that so many are dying to see this guy fail? Is it the Gator connection, is it the religious overtures, is it his overly innocent demeanor?? Why? He's literally harming zero people, not even you Seminole fans. Those days are over. 

Is he going to turn pro after this stellar BP performance? I don't know. And I don't care. It's not your place, my place, or anyone's place to criticize him for trying. Now, it'd be one thing if he were an a**hole. But he's not. 

Let Tebow be, get over it, and go back to whining about politics on Twitter and Facebook. 

End rant. 

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